Getting There offers an innovative approach to career coaching. For upper-level managers in the business community, the public service sector or at social organisations.
There is a way to stay ahead of the pack.
Once you know there’s another horizon, you set out to find it.
Someone to pull you in the right direction, but you have to do the work.
It’s all about looking ahead, not losing your nerve and focusing keenly on your goal.
Insight is resolutely turning your back on your shadow.
Jumping over your inhibitions and then experiencing what you’ve achieved.
With your dynamic approach, you stand out above the rest.
There’s more to it than your baggage alone. It’s also an art to be light and flexible.
We adopt a sound approach. It’ll get you places, where others have yet to be invited.
You can walk side by side in the knowledge that you’ll achieve something together.

Getting There offers new opportunities in the labour market

There's a certain point in every successful career when change is inevitable. You want something different. Or your employer wants something different from you. And if you have reached the midpoint of your career, or are already beyond it, how easy will it be to find new work?

This may be difficult in a competitive labour market, even though you may have an impressive CV and good connections. Fiechter Career Management has developed an innovative approach to career coaching for managers and executives in such circumstances called Getting There.

Getting There involves taking a different approach to the traditional job application route. Instead of entering the labour market as a typical applicant, you profile yourself more as an entrepreneur. This approach is different and more effective, offering you a greater chance of discovering hidden opportunities in the labour market. It also gives you an edge on the competition.

The Getting There path requires us to adopt a smart, personalised strategy catering specifically to your potential. It requires you to be willing to adopt a different mind-set – to show creativity, determination and courage. These are the guiding principles on your road to new work.
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Getting There – the questions

    What do you do if your CV no longer opens new doors?     Do you freeze in shock or are you open to changing your mind-set?     What opportunities are there for you beyond the beaten track?     What do you think about job seeking without being an applicant?     Who do you find yourself face-to-face with and what topics do you address?     How do you gain insight into what your discussion partner needs?     Why would your know-how be of particular interest to this party?     Would you like to become fighting fit for this challenge? How about it?
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Personal coaching

At a certain point in your career, it could turn out to be surprisingly beneficial to have a number of discussions with a personal coach who understands your professional field.
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Getting feedback

You have a job interview in the pipeline. Perhaps you could use some support preparing yourself.
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Fiechter Career Management also takes care of mobility projects for companies and other organisations.
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Would you like your competencies and motivation to be clearly tested? We offer a range of online assessments.
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